How Dr. White Reduced Stress and Increased Revenue with ProSites

Q&A with Jenny White, DDS


  • Decreased Personal Stress Level by 50% (And Increased Happiness Levels)
  • Reduced Work Days from 4 to 3 Per Week While Maintaining Same Revenue
  • Increased Revenue during the first two months After Implementation of Tools
  • Optimized Her Practice Without Hiring Additional Staff

The Challenge:
Dr. Jenny White, DDS has struggled finding staff who could deliver reliable and caring customer service for her patients for years. Consistent administrative staffing turnover made it difficult to keep her office running smoothly. Her front desk staff would frequently forget to call to remind patients about their appointments, and even when they did, patients would often no-show. Her dental practice is in an area inundated with dental offices, creating pressure to deliver excellent, experienced service or lose patients to other practices.

The Solution:
In a last-ditch effort to combat this problem, Dr. White stumbled across an article in an industry journal about new technologies. She decided to utilize these platforms as employees. She teamed up with ProSites to get a new website, automated appointment reminders, integrated online scheduling, and digital forms to streamline her operations and eliminate stress from having to go through yet another round of staffing.

The Results:
Dr. White has been able to reduce and save on overhead while delivering a better patient experience than ever before. The timesaving aspects of ProSites’ technology have allowed her to not only maintain, but increase, her income while working fewer days per week. She also reports that her stress level has greatly decreased, and she gets to focus on what she enjoys most: helping her patients.

“I’m making money in my sleep!” - Dr. White, DDS

Digital Solutions that Save Time and Reduce Stress

A Great Dental Website

The first step to Dr. White’s success was making her website a full-time, fully functioning employee that her second employee, her VOIP phone system, directs patients to visit. Her warm and inviting homepage is patient-forward, providing clear calls to action to complete integrated online forms, schedule appointments online pay their bills online, or send emails to Dr. White.

It also showcases her personality to her patients. Using her website as the hub of her marketing and communications simplifies her day-to-day activity and unifies her patient experience between her online presence and her dental office.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Implementing automated appointment reminders with a text option for cancellations instantly reduced no-shows for Dr. White’s practice. Now, even patients who feel guilty or stressed over cancelling an appointment can easily do so by just texting back “No” to the automated query. Being able to reschedule appointments ahead of time helped increase revenue while saving time. And the majority of her patients who need to cancel reschedule themselves on her website.

VOIP Phone System and Voicemail Transcriber

Rather than rely on a receptionist to answer the phone, Dr. White has implemented a VOIP phone system that transcribes voicemails into emails. She can quickly respond to 4-5 patients in between appointments, while still providing the option for emergency calls to come straight through. Patients who want to make or reschedule an appointment are directed to the website for maximum efficiency.

Online Forms

The office had consistently suffered from mis-entered or missing information, but integrated online forms solved this problem immediately. Patients can enter their own information through a HIPAA compliant portal online, and it flags the changes for review within the office. Families are also easily able to review existing forms for all members in one go, increasing patient satisfaction.

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