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"I have been in this industry for 30+ years, and ProSites is so much better than the other dental website providers."

Laura Ruscio Kallen K. Hull, DMD, PC |

Service Highlights:

  • Semi-custom website

Q: What challenges in your business or industry influenced you to look for a solution?

A: Dr. Hull left a group practice and went on his own with a semicustom ProSites website. When I joined the practice a short time later, he asked me to manage the website. From the first time I called ProSites’ member services your team has been amazing! I have been in this industry for 30+ years, and ProSites is so much better than the other dental website providers.

Q: What did you find most attractive about our company and/or solution(s)?

A: Your customer service is excellent. You offer a lot of options, and everything is available at a reasonable cost. Plus, ProSites does a lot to ensure our website stays updated and searchable.

Some website providers create sites that all look the same. With ProSites, I’m able to be as interactive as I want with the website. I love how I can customize the content- there’s so much I can do. If I want your team to handle changes they can, but I like having that ability. Other website providers I’ve used don’t want clients to have control. If I needed something changed I had to call them – I felt that they had too much control over my domain.

Q: What benefits have you experienced from working with us?

A: You provide so much to help us – from webinars to whitepapers and blog posts - ProSites does a great job educating dental practices. You encompass all of the important areas people should be paying attention to. We focus on special needs dentistry, and ProSites taught us the importance of highlighting what makes our practice unique. And, I feel like I’m dealing one-on-one with people, not a big organization. Your team is always willing to work with us if we’re stumped, and I receive a lot of personal attention.

Q: What specific results have you seen from implementing our solution(s)?

A: We got three new patients from the website this week, and most of our new patients find us via the web. That tells me that what ProSites is doing works.


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