Dental Marketing ROI

"Am I getting a return on investment (ROI) from my marketing efforts?"

Finally, an answer to this big unknown. Marketing ROI shows you where you’re getting the best return on your marketing investment. It tracks leads, new patients, and revenue generated from each source so you can understand what is and what is not working.

View your practice marketing results within one amazing dashboard.

Learn Which of Your Dental Marketing Campaigns Works Best

"How Is ProSites’ Marketing ROI Different From What I Have Right Now?"

Track & Improve

No more guessing which dental marketing strategies are working. With real-time data that tracks the number of new patients each channel delivers, you can make smarter decisions that stretch your marketing budget.

Know Your Return

Gain clear insight into the real lifetime value of your patients. Marketing ROI integrates with your practice management software to track patients from lead source to revenue generated so you can see which marketing investments deliver the highest return.

Hassle Free

Save time. View real-time results for all of your dental practice's marketing campaigns in one easy-to-understand dashboard that seamlessly integrates with top practice management systems.

Summer Morrison, Professional Relations Coordinator: Metropolitan Periodontists, PA

"The best thing we have done is sign up with ProSites. Every month we consistently have 3-5 New Patients and average $5,000 a month just from our website."

Summer M.  

What Other Features Are Included?

Recorded Calls | Enhanced Training

All calls are tracked and recorded, so you can listen to what your staff is doing right, and where they can improve. Use good call examples with new hires for easy training!

Advanced Call Tracking

Seamless Integration | Hassle Free

Marketing ROI integrates with your practice management software, phone, and advertising so you don’t waste time entering data. Here’s who Marketing ROI Integrates with:

  • Dentrix G4, G5, G6.0, 6.1,6.2 , Dentrix Enterpise
  • Orthotrac
  • Practiceworks
  • WinOMS
  • Softdent
  • EasyDental
  • Opendental
  • Abeldent
  • Eaglesoft 17, (18 and 18.1 should be available by Mid April)
Seamless Integration of Dental Software and Dental Office Marketing

Greater Visibility | Track Lifetime Value of Patients

We make marketing for dental offices easy. In one simple dashboard, you’ll see how many leads your marketing efforts are creating, and how much revenue you’re generating from each new patient.

Make Your Dental Marketing More Effective by Tracking Each Lead Source

Get The Tools You Need To Make Smarter Decisions For Your Practice.

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