Step 1:

To send a secure email to a patient, simply add the word SECURED: to the subject of the email.

Doing so will encrypt the email during the send process (in transit) and while it is stored in the email database.

Important note: The format of the word "SECURED:" is critical to the encryption process. The word must be CAPITALIZED and end with a colon to successfully secure the email. If is not formatted correctly, the email will not be secure.


The first time a person receives a secure email from the dental practice, he/she will need to register to access their secure message account. After that, they will be able to quickly log-in to see any secure messages from the practice. Please note that unsecured emails will NOT require the email recipient to log-in to an account.

Below are the steps a recipient must follow the first time they access a secured email:

Step 1:

Open and download the attachment from the secure email.

Step 2:

2. After opening the download, the email recipient will be redirected to a registration page. They will need to click Register and when the next page loads, complete the form.

Step 3:

Next, the recipient must verify his/her account. He/she will receive an email that asks them to verify the account.

Step 4:

Once the activation email is received, the email recipient should click the activation link.

Step 5:

After the account is activated, the recipient will go back to the downloaded attachment and click to open it again. This time, they will log-in to their account with their with their account information.

Step 6:

Once logged in, the email recipient can now read the secure email. They may also reply to the email and it will go back to you as a secure email response.

Note: Email recipients will have to log-in to see secure emails from the practice, but they can check “remember me” to avoid logging-in each time in the future.

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