8 Ways to Deliver More Value to Patients

Provide greater value to your potential, new, and existing patients

When patients visit your dental office—be it for a routine cleaning, root canal, teeth whitening, or other service—your focus should be on their overall experience, not your bottom line. After all, that’s what will keep them coming back.

But believe it or not, the average U.S. dental office has a patient retention rate of just 65%.*

Why is that? Seventy percent of a retail customer’s journey—or how they evaluate it—is based on how they feel they’re being treated.** And businesses that deliver better customer experiences see revenues 4–8% above market value.

Demonstrating your value to patients and improving their overall experience with your practice will not only result in happier patients, but more loyal patients as well.

In this eBook, learn 8 easy ways to deliver more value to patients both at the office and before they ever arrive for their appointment. From personalizing their experience to offering incentives that keep them coming back, you’ll turn your patient base from simply-satisfied to devoted fans in no time.

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*According to research cited by practice analyst Lee Bentz in an article for the California Dental Association.

**Says a report from consulting firm McKinsey & Company