Enhance Your Practice’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

How Dentists Can Attract More Patients on Social Media

Even though the average adult spends nearly two hours on social media per day – some dentists are hesitant to embrace this emerging marketing method. Does this sound like you?

Maybe it’s because you simply don’t have the time necessary to invest in a social media campaign, or don’t understand what it can do for your practice. Whatever the reason, it’s a mistake that could be costing your practice big.

Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, continue to grow in popularity. In fact, millions of people in the U.S. visit Facebook and Twitter every day, where they ask for recommendations and share their experiences with family and friends. If you’re not among them, potential new patients will wonder why, and assume you’re either out of touch or have something to hide.

Find out how to begin a strong and successful presence on social media. Download the whitepaper to learn 7 proven strategies to elevate your social media presence, reach more potential patients and ultimately grow your practice.

7 Actionable Strategies to
Maximize Your Social Media Presence