Ineffective Recare: The Black Hole of Recurring Revenues


Is It Time to Upgrade Your Recare System?

Many dentists don’t know how much money they are making, let alone how much they’re losing. Whether your practice is currently using an automated recare system or taking a manual approach, knowing exactly how much an ineffective system could be costing you and what you could be making is critical.

This whitepaper dives into why it pays to automate and the key components of a truly effective recare system. When we’re done, you will be better equipped to determine if it is time to ditch your existing system for one that delivers the goods—a steady stream of new appointments.

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  • How to calculate lost income from inactive patients
  • What to ask when shopping for automated recare systems
  • If customer service is really that important
  • And more!

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How much more money could you be making with effective recare?