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Fun Ways to Book New Patients

Last updated on March 8th, 2018 at 09:24 pm

Fun Ways to Book New Patients

From Facebook to Fun Runs, don’t miss out on hidden opportunities to promote your practice.

A Michigan dentist named Dr. Susan Dennis just got national publicity by taking candy from children. It was part of her 4th annual Halloween Candy Buyback. She pays $1 per pound of candy from local children, and sends it in care packages to US troops over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

You donā€™t have to make the front page of Google news to create buzz about your practice. And while you may already participate in community events, it’s worth your time to re-double your efforts.

Charity and community events with a social media presence are PROVEN ways to keep in touch with current patients as well as attract new ones.

Hereā€™s how to use them to promote your dental practice:

Community Involvement = Positive Image

Volunteering for a cause or sponsoring an event is an excellent way to create a positive public image and generate publicity. It might even result in a write-up in your local paper, lending credibility to your practice. Here are four ways to increase your visibility in the community:

Participate in a community fun run.Ā What better way to educate the community about dental health and wellness than by participating in events that promote fitness or dental health?

Join a special cause.Ā Raising money for special causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness or Special Olympics is an excellent way to show that your practice is concerned with more than just dental health.

Sponsor aĀ Little League team.Ā Be sure to focus on neighborhoods where your target patients live or work. Potential patients get to know you, and you get to establish your name as a fixed presence in the community.

Take part in neighborhood celebrations.Ā March in your townā€™s Fourth of July parade and give away toothbrushes with your name and logo.

Whether you sponsor a team, donate money to a cause, or have members of your team participate in an event, donā€™t forget to mention your activities on your social media pages, blog, and website.

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