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Practice Marketing

Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

How do you find out what makes your practice special? Ask your patients.

You ask your patients to tell you a variety of very personal things about themselves.

Do they have pain? Do they smoke? Do they drink? Are they brushing?

So asking them about you and your practice should be easy. Yet you may feel sheepish about finding out exactly why and how your patients became your patients.

But you shouldn’t! Asking questions about your practice shows them you care about their opinions — and it gives you vital information to help you improve your visibility in the marketplace.

It didn’t happen by accident. Your patients chose you for specific reasons. You might have an idea, but until you ask your patients, you’ll never know for sure.

Finding out these reasons is key to cultivating more interest from other like-minded people. Or it may cause you to realize you’ve been sending out the wrong signals via your web presence or other marketing.

Don’t guess! Ask these key questions:

  1. What do you like best about our practice?
    This question offers insight about why he or she chose you.

  2. How are we different from other practices?
    Whether it’s your friendly personality or because you take a specific type of insurance, this question provides you with additional information about why he or she chose your practice.

  3. Why did you leave your previous care provider?
    This question is important because it can tell you what your patients don’t like about office visits or healthcare providers in general. It could help you find many new patients if you’re doing something better or differently from those “other” practices.

Armed with the answers to these questions, you can portray your practice in a way that makes it stand out in the best possible way from your competition. Which brings me to one final step:

Survey the Competition

How do your potential competitors frame their practice? How do you differ? Knowing why your customers come to you gives you a way to distinguish your practice from your competition.

The truth is: you are different from your competitors. You don’t need to manufacture a persona — you need to refine how you portray yourself. Using the information gleaned from your existing patients gives you the necessary tools to find more of the same types of people.