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Practice Marketing

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Practice

When marketing your practice, it’s tough to stand out among the competition when everyone is using the same marketing strategies to attract patients.

If you find that your practice is in a marketing rut, check out how some of our members are engaging in exciting and innovative methods of marketing their services. Want even more dental marketing ideas? Download the free guide online marketing for dentists here.

Here are three creative members that have reimagined their marketing strategies:

1. The Concept: Give Back to the Community

The Example: Heritage Dental or check out their Facebook Page

Heritage Dental sponsored their local high school and provided sports teams with free mouth guards – a total of 150 sports guards!

The Benefit: Dr. Lind and his team promoted their practice to local prospective patients by providing them with a free service. Not only did this marketing tactic give their practice increased exposure among the high school students, their parents,   and school staff, but it also positioned their practice as a caring group of professionals by showing a genuine interest in everyone’s oral care – patient or not.

2. The Concept: Make Patient Appointments Fun

The Example: Clearwater Family Dental or check out their Facebook Page

Dr. Rodeghero’s team created fun chalkboard-esque signs that have various expressions on them, such as “We treat people not teeth” and “Cavity-free”. The signs are kept in-office and patients and staff can take photos with the chalkboards. Photos are then shared on the practice’s social networks. There are many ways to use Social Media to make engaging with your firm more fun. Put social media signs up in your waiting area and add links to your website.

The Benefit: Patients don’t always have the time to leave you an online review or testimonial, but pictures speak louder than words. Having a patient share their glowing smile alongside an “I love my dentist” sign speaks just as loudly as a great   online review. PLUS, it’s always tough coming up with content to share on your social profiles, this strategy provides you with a constant flow of content.

3. The Concept: Create a Logo for Your Practice

The Example: White and Haines Advanced Dentistry or check out their Facebook Page

Doctors White and Haines have a sleek, modern logo that is unique to their practice and is easily identifiable.

The Benefit: Having distinctive branding makes your marketing seem familiar to prospective patients and improves brand recognition. It also increases the perceived value prospective patients see in your services, as identifiable logos build more   credibility than unfamiliar or non-existent branding.

Do you have any great marketing ideas we haven’t listed? We’d love to hear about them! Please share in the comments below. And, download the free whitepaper The Definitive Guide to Online Marketing for Dentists by filling out the form below.