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Practice Marketing

New Report Highlights Interesting Dental Marketing Trends

We recently conducted our second annual Dental Marketing Pulse report survey to uncover the top marketing trends, objectives, and strategies of dental practices. From this survey, we gained insight from over 400 dental practices across the USA to help other offices understand what their peers are doing to win new patients and accelerate growth.

We evaluated our findings to create the 2018 Dental Marketing Pulse Report so other dentists could see how their practice compares to its peers. In the report, we found both parallels and differences to a similar survey that we conducted in 2016.

For example, the 2018 study showed dental practices are spending less per month on marketing compared to 2016, however practices also reported to be less busy than usual over the past year. This new information may indicate a correlation between the amount of marketing and overall busyness and profitability of a practice.

You can click here to get your complimentary copy of the report and uncover surprising and interesting trends that we discovered. Key topics highlighted in the report include:

  • Average amount dental practices are spending on marketing each month
  • Whoā€™s managing the practiceā€™s marketing
  • The most popular forms of dental practice marketing
  • The channel dentists use most to communicate with patients
  • And more!

Download a complimentary copy of the full ProSites Pulse Report here!