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5 Must-have Dental Marketing Tips in 5 Minutes

How’s your marketing ROI? Do you know if your website is compliant? What about online security – do dental practices really need to pay attention to it? And what do dentists really need to know about online reviews?

Watch our 5-minute video with our VP of Products, Keith Washington, as he talks to Dr. Chris Salierno about gathering positive reviews, how to manage your online reputation, online security, HIPAA compliance, and more.

Practice Marketing

New Report Highlights Interesting Dental Marketing Trends

We recently conducted our second annual Dental Marketing Pulse report survey to uncover the top marketing trends, objectives, and strategies of dental practices. From this survey, we gained insight from over 400 dental practices across the USA to help other offices understand what their peers are doing to win new patients and accelerate growth.

We evaluated our findings to create the 2018 Dental Marketing Pulse Report so other dentists could see how their practice compares to its peers. In the report, we found both parallels and differences to a similar survey that we conducted in 2016.

For example, the 2018 study showed dental practices are spending less per month on marketing compared to 2016, however practices also reported to be less busy than usual over the past year. This new information may indicate a correlation between the amount of marketing and overall busyness and profitability of a practice.

You can click here to get your complimentary copy of the report and uncover surprising and interesting trends that we discovered. Key topics highlighted in the report include:

  • Average amount dental practices are spending on marketing each month
  • Who’s managing the practice’s marketing
  • The most popular forms of dental practice marketing
  • The channel dentists use most to communicate with patients
  • And more!

Download a complimentary copy of the full ProSites Pulse Report here!

Practice Marketing

ProSites Interview with DentistryIQ at Chicago Midwinter

A few months ago at the Chicago Midwinter dental meeting, we had the opportunity to speak with Zac Kulsrud, Sr. Editor at Dental Economics, where we gave dentists insight on the top three emerging trends in dentistry and marketing.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How software as a service (SaaS) models have evolved in recent years
  • Ways dentists can better track a return on their marketing investments
  • Latest improvements to Google’s pay-per-click advertising

3 trends in digital marketing for dental practices: An interview with Eric Bunnell of ProSites

Apex360 chief editor Zac Kulsrud talks to Eric Bunnell of ProSites about trends in digital marketing for dental practices, including software as a service (SaaS) updates, Google pay-per-click improvements, and verifiable ROI for digital investments.

To learn more about marketing your practice online with ProSites, request a demo below or call 888-932-3644.

Practice Marketing

4 Dental Marketing Strategies to Implement Today

Like many things, growing your dental practice is easier said than done. A large part of success starts with getting the word out about your practice – and getting yourself noticed by potential new patients at the ideal time.

To help you start brainstorming new ways to enhance your dental marketing strategy, use these four ideas below to get started.

1. Collect positive patient reviews. Before calling, prospective patients will do their own research first – such as reading online reviews about your practice. In fact, BrightLocal found that 85% of consumers read 10 reviews before making a purchase decision with nearly half (47%) believing online reputation is important specifically for doctors and dentists.

To grow the amount of reviews about your practice – simply, ask! When patients express gratitude or sing praises, thank them and ask if they’d be willing to share their experience via a online review (and provide them an applicable link of where to go once they agree). You can also post signs in your practice and send personalized emails. For additional ideas on how to garner more online reviews, read this free whitepaper about dental reviews.

2. Build your social media presence. Social media isn’t just about funny meme’s; 42% of consumers use it to access health-related reviews with the goal of choosing a better provider.

Social media marketing gives your practice the opportunity to engage and interact with current and potential patients in a more relaxed and personable environment. It also opens the door to help you increase referrals and website traffic.

To get the most out of social media, make sure you complete your profiles with practice information, website URL, hours, specialties, and quick descriptions. Then, post consistently and frequently with content that will resonate with your audience. For example, if your patient base consists of young families, share  articles or games that parents can use to teach their children about oral hygiene.

3. Claim Google My Business and Yelp listings. These sites are some of the most popular review sites out there. And, even if you haven’t claimed your listing, patients can still review your practice, so you might as well monitor what’s being said. By claiming your listing, you signal that you’re a real practice and help get verified by search engines. Claiming your listings may also positively impact your rankings within search results.

To claim your listing, you only need 15 minutes. As a result, you’ll be able to update profile information, load photos, respond to reviews and more. You can also access analytics to learn how many people are reaching you via the listings.

4. Update your profile within dental-specific directories. Look at sites like to ensure your practice information is up-to-date. This is additionally important as dental-specific directories are more likely to appear within search results when someone searches your exact name.

To get more ideas and recommendations on which marketing strategies may be best for your practice, fill out a form to get a call with one of our internet marketing experts.

Practice Marketing

Dental Online Marketing Trends Emerging in 2018

As the world and technology evolves faster than ever, it’s easy (and normal) to feel a bit behind. There’s been a handful of changes in the dental marketing industry so we’ve compiled a list of the latest emerging trends that we feel are important and impactful to your dental practice.

Optimize for Humans, Not Robots

In the early days of search engine optimization (SEO), algorithms weren’t as advanced, which means it was acceptable for businesses to have a website that was stuffed with search keywords. Even if it didn’t make much sense from a user-readability standpoint meaning, copy typically read awkward because it was focused on including all variations of a search keyword rather prioritizing grammar and flow.

Fast forward to today, algorithms have become – and continue to grow increasingly intelligent which allows them to comprehend websites in a way that much more mimics human behavior. For example, algorithms can now differentiate website copy that is well-written vs. stuffed with keywords, and favors the former. Therefore, while keyword stuffing used to be a mildly accepted strategy way-back, today it is best deliver quality content for your readers – as search engines will still be able to comprehend what the page is about.

Key takeaway: Create quality content for your readers and ensure the content has good readability scores (e.g. enlarged copy on a mobile device). Test your content readability using this free tool here.

Invest in Marketing Tools to Facilitate Tracking and ROI

A lot of dentists market their practice. A lot of dentists do not track their results.

Lacking information and knowledge of how dental marketing campaigns perform can lead you to wasting time and money down the road. On the other hand, by investing a little bit of time and budget into programs that can help you track campaigns, you will learn what works, what doesn’t, how to best spend your marketing budget, and increase ROI.

Take Full Advantage of Free Online Marketing Tools

Consider adding programs such as Google Analytics and Search Console understand how people find and arrive on your website. So, if you’re running a social media campaign and see that 100 users are coming from Facebook but only 25 from Twitter, then this is a sign that your audience on Facebook is more engaged with your content.

Dental Online Marketing is Our Specialty

Other softwares like ProSites Marketing ROI help you track the amount of patients that come into your practice from your website and how much revenue you’re generating from those patients.

Key takeaway: It’s important to understand which marketing campaigns deliver the best results for your practice. Take advantage of tools that help you understand what works and what doesn’t so you can make more informed (and profitable) decisions down the road.

Reputation Marketing: Manage Online Reviews and Mentions

Seeing that 88% of people conduct research on their own before contacting a business, online reviews are critical to setting a strong and credible first impression online.

Having a 5-star review average is the goal but not the requirement. What is becoming more and more necessary is putting a strategy in place to gain more positive patient reviews while consistently responding to any and all reviews.

A great way to start getting more reviews is to have your staff ask a patient how their appointment went before they leave your practice. If it’s positive, the staff can ask them if they’d be willing to leave a review online and direct the patient to the appropriate website. If it’s negative, this gives the office an opportunity to address the issue upfront, rather than hearing about it online.

Download this guide to learn more about gaining positive patient reviews online.

Key takeaway: People are trusting online reviews more and more. The more reviews you have, the more transparent your practice becomes, and the greater trust a prospective patient will have in your practice.

When’s the last time you updated your dental online marketing strategy? If it’s been a while, now is a great time to talk with an Internet Marketing Advisor to get ideas and tips for how you can update your efforts.

Fill out the form below to request a free dental marketing analysis.

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Top Dental Marketing Trends and Recommendations for 2017

Auld Lang Syne rings in your ears, your waistband is a smidge tighter than it was a month ago, and those must-have toys haven’t been touched in two weeks – welcome to January 2017. Whether you were sorry to see 2016 come to a close, or couldn’t put a fork in it fast enough, the great Bob Dylan said it best when he sang, “The times they are a-changing” – as they always do.

To help you keep pace with the year ahead, the dental marketing experts at ProSites recently published a whitepaper, The Top 10 Trends in Dentistry & Marketing for 2017. Below, we’ve highlighted only a few trends because some of us are still feeling the effects of the holiday season (gluttony is not victimless). For the entire list of trends, complete with recommendations for ways your practice can acclimate, download the complimentary whitepaper.

Many of us spent the last few weeks with extended family, full of thanks, sweet potato pie, and gratitude that the holidays only come once a year. And while the Top 10 Trends in Dentistry & Marketing are based on the behavior of a much larger sample size, is there any better microcosm of society than the holiday dinner table? We’re pretty sure that the trends covered below resonate with at least some of those squeezed around Grandma’s table.

1. Trust of authority and experts is decreasing. 

This trend is music to your hippy uncle’s ears. Those who came of age during a time when anyone over 30 was suspect, developed a healthy skepticism of expert opinions. The difference is your uncle’s cynicism was most likely rooted in political activism, and today’s wave of distrust stems from a combination of general apathy and 24/7 access to overzealous media outlets.

A great example is a way the misgivings around flossing took off. What began as an article from the Associated Press titled “Medical benefits of dental floss unproven,” quickly turned into a war on the dental hygiene staple. Propagated by a number of media outlets focused on driving website traffic with provocative headlines, word on the street quickly morphed into something akin to “stop flossing immediately”.

So, how does a message become convoluted so quickly? Enter apathy. It wasn’t that long ago that an outrageous headline was cause to look deeper. But now that we’re bombarded with the equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of data each day, who has the time to validate? Instead, we click ‘Like’ and share or retweet and leave it to someone else to verify. Then, before you know it, dental floss is as controversial as saccharine.

Why should you care? As a doctor, you’re seen as an expert and if your messages are automatically cast to the wayside you’re going to have a hard time reaching prospective patients.

2. Belief in crowds and social networking is increasing.

Anyone who has ever tried to tell their 20-something sister that she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know can testify to the dangers of this trend.

While social media has broken communication barriers and brought news to the forefront, it has also created a self-limiting circle of influence known as confirmation bias. In an effort to provide relevant content, Facebook’s algorithm factors in user behavior. This means that the content and ads you see are based on what you like, follow and unfollow.  Over time, people develop feeds that heavily reflect their beliefs, essentially creating a bubble of like-mindedness.

Why should you care? To be seen as a credible source you need to find ways to insert yourself into current and prospective patients’ social communities.

3. Everything is going mobile.

It’s likely your teenage cousin wasn’t the only one hiding a smartphone under the holiday table this year. Our mobile devices have practically become appendages, and there is no sign of that changing in 2017. According to the Global Web Index, 80% of Internet searches are done on smartphones. We now do everything from ordering lattes to locating the nearest dentist on these convenient handheld devices.

Why should you care? If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices you could be alienating prospective patients before they even call your practice.

4. Video content is becoming necessary to engage your audience.

Your mother can argue against the merits of screen time all she wants, but the fact is video is engaging (which is why The Walking Dead puts your spouse in a trance). This, combined with technology constantly upping the ante, means that what once grabbed Internet searchers’ attention (hello pop-up ad) no longer registers. People are actively searching online for video content on topics ranging from proper brushing techniques to how toothpaste is made.

Why should you care? The Internet is crowded, but video provides an engaging inroad to current and prospective patients, with the added bonus of expanding your online reach.

So here we are – 2016 behind us and 2017 staring us in the face. As trite as it sounds, you can make this year your practice’s most successful year yet.

Find out what else is in store for 2017 and click here to download the full whitepaperThe Top 10 Trends and Recommendations in Dentistry & Marketing for 2017

And, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals. ProSites specializes in providing comprehensive online dental marketing services that deliver measurable practice growth. Reach out to an Internet Marketing Advisor today at 1-888-932-3644 and get the year started off right.

Practice Marketing

3 Rules for Making a Good First Impression

3 Simple Rules for Making a Good First Impression with Your Website

First impressions count. To attract new patients, make sure your website reflects your personality and practice philosophy.

Your website has 10 seconds. That’s it. Research shows the average reader will decide whether to stay on a website or leave within the first 10 seconds.

Here are 3 simple ways to catch their attention and make a good impression with your site.

1) Show Them Who You Are

Meet the Team: Patients enjoy getting to know whom they are entrusting their health care to prior to the initial consultation. After the homepage, the “Meet the Team” page is probably the most visited page on your website and shows your patients who you are in pictures and words.
Friendly photos: Photos of you at a community event–minus the white lab coat–and family photos with your spouse and children are good choices. A group photo of your team, as well as individual pictures of each team member, accompanied by a brief bio or personalized message to patients, is also helpful.
Tell them why you started your practice: Credentials are important, of course, but don’t just list qualifications. A personal, thoughtfully written bio tells a story about your background and professional experience, but also reveals why you got into the profession and how much you care about helping people. Your bio is your best opportunity to show yourself as a human being.

2) Show Them Your Facilities

Patients are more likely to choose your practice if they can see it first. Photos with captions or videos both work. The three areas most patients want to see are:

• Patient reception area, including front-desk and waiting room
• Procedure rooms
• State of the art equipment

3) Show Them Your Expertise

Videos: Videos and pictures of procedures offer the chance to demonstrate your skills and services.
Blogs: Blog posts are an effective way to showcase your expertise and connect with existing and potential patients.
Awards: Awards and recognition elevate patients’ confidence in your abilities, so don’t be afraid to include them on your website.
Before and After Pictures: Show potential patients real examples of your work with professional before-and-after photos.

A good website makes all the difference when it comes to attracting new patients, but make sure it shows the human side of your practice. When you give patients an opportunity to relate to you as a person, it instills trust, confidence in your abilities, and creates a personal connection.

Further Reading:

Check out these 7 common website mistakes to avoid.

Knowing when and how to use content and media can save you from over-doing it. You want your online search dollars to convert into new patients – not send them to your competitor’s sites.

Or give us a call at (888) 932-3644 to set up a free consultation today!

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Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

How do you find out what makes your practice special? Ask your patients.

You ask your patients to tell you a variety of very personal things about themselves.

Do they have pain? Do they smoke? Do they drink? Are they brushing?

So asking them about you and your practice should be easy. Yet you may feel sheepish about finding out exactly why and how your patients became your patients.

But you shouldn’t! Asking questions about your practice shows them you care about their opinions — and it gives you vital information to help you improve your visibility in the marketplace.

It didn’t happen by accident. Your patients chose you for specific reasons. You might have an idea, but until you ask your patients, you’ll never know for sure.

Finding out these reasons is key to cultivating more interest from other like-minded people. Or it may cause you to realize you’ve been sending out the wrong signals via your web presence or other marketing.

Don’t guess! Ask these key questions:

  1. What do you like best about our practice?
    This question offers insight about why he or she chose you.

  2. How are we different from other practices?
    Whether it’s your friendly personality or because you take a specific type of insurance, this question provides you with additional information about why he or she chose your practice.

  3. Why did you leave your previous care provider?
    This question is important because it can tell you what your patients don’t like about office visits or healthcare providers in general. It could help you find many new patients if you’re doing something better or differently from those “other” practices.

Armed with the answers to these questions, you can portray your practice in a way that makes it stand out in the best possible way from your competition. Which brings me to one final step:

Survey the Competition

How do your potential competitors frame their practice? How do you differ? Knowing why your customers come to you gives you a way to distinguish your practice from your competition.

The truth is: you are different from your competitors. You don’t need to manufacture a persona — you need to refine how you portray yourself. Using the information gleaned from your existing patients gives you the necessary tools to find more of the same types of people.

Practice Marketing

Increase Revenue During the Holidays

Undoubtedly, people tend to get busier around the holiday season, often causing routine healthcare needs to slip patients’ minds. In creating this free white paper, we wanted to present some unique marketing ideas that may keep you at the forefront of your patients’ thoughts.

Let this slow season allow you to capitalize on the opportunity to market your practice in a way that keeps your appointment books full and your patients satisfied.


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