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Social Media

Why Your Facebook Fans Are Annoyed

Last updated on March 29th, 2018 at 03:18 pm

You’ve worked hard to build up your social media presence but what some businesses do not realize, is that they could be losing fans due to simple, yet common mistakes! If you find that your number of “Likes” have started to dwindle, it may be time to ask yourself, “Why?”

One study, conducted by Lab42 (a marketing research firm), indicated the following:

• 87% of Facebook users “Like” at least one brand.
• 75% of Facebook users feel more connected to a brand when they have a Facebook page.

Being so, the problem isn’t that users don’t want to “Like” company Facebook Pages, so where is the disconnect? Here are the most common reasons why Facebook Fans may decide to “un-like” your page:

You’re posting too frequently – Studies indicate the preferred number of posts from a company is one to three, daily. Any more than this may be considered excessive and cause annoyance among your fans

Bad patient experiences – If your patients stop visiting your practice because of a bad experience, you can bet they will also stop “Liking” your Facebook page. Ensuring that you always provide excellent customer service will eliminate this problem and may even help you gain more “Likes” as a result!

You’re invading personal space – Some Facebook users find it an invasion of privacy when a brand comments on their actual page. Whether your follower posted a new photo or status update, try to remember the general rule of thumb that brands should only “speak” to Followers when “spoken” to.

Not engaging your audience – If you only post updates about services you want to promote, you’re forgetting about the “social” element that fuels social media. Try to interact with your followers in ways beyond self-promotion, such as asking questions or posting interesting facts.

Asking for “Likes” – Nothing bothers Facebook users more than a business pleading for “Likes”. Let your service do the talking and you will generate plenty of “Likes” organically.

Take a moment to analyze your Facebook posts. Do you need to make a few of these simple adjustments to sustain your “Likes”?

For information about generating “Likes”, refer to our blog post that details the top 15 ways to acquire more “Likes” on Facebook.