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Sharing Positive Patient Reviews Using Google’s New Tool

It always feels good to receive a positive review from patients online. Not only does it help build trust for your practice among potential patients but it can help your search rankings and improve your overall brand recognition.

While many dentists are starting to encourage more patients to leave positive reviews online, there’s still many ways that dentists can showcase their reviews both on and off their website for maximum visibility.

That’s why Google recently introduced a new tool called Small Thanks with Google that helps you showcase your positive reviews in your practice via poster or through social media content. By posting these signs in your practice’s waiting room, you can build brand equity and help patients feel good about their choice of having you as their dentist. Sharing your positive reviews on social media adds more visibility to Google reviews that might otherwise go unnoticed by your Facebook and Twitter followers and their friends.

How to Use Small Thanks with Google

Follow this video step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create posters and/or social media posts of your own by selecting your favorite reviews to create a file that you can then distribute both on and off line.

Showcasing positive reviews on your website and social media pages shows potential patients that they don’t only have to rely on your word, they can look other people’s opinions about you and feel reassured that you’re the right dentist for them.

Take charge of your online reputation and set yourself apart from competitors. To find out how ProSites can help you garner more positive patient reviews directly on your website, visit or call (888) 932-3644.

Patient Relationship

The Value of Online Reviews for Dentists

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a patient review is worth its word count in gold – or platinum – or whatever is today’s trending precious metal. Still not sure? Let’s put it this way, 70% of dental patients said that online ratings and reviews influenced their choice of dentist.

And, in case you thought you were safe from Google, remember that online ratings and reviews also factor into your practice’s search engine rankings.  Search engines consistently tweak their ranking algorithms to return the best results possible, and this means delivering highly recommended doctors.

Further, online reviews create the perception of trustworthiness and transparency. The prevalence of social media and the increasing number of review sites available (Yelp, Angie’s List, Rate MDs, etc.), mean that your practice is conspicuous by its absence. Trust us, if prospective patients can’t find any reviews on your practice they aren’t going to think, “Wow – that dental practice is so good that not one patient felt the need to share their experience.” More likely, the train of thought will go something like this, “Why hasn’t anyone left a review on that dentist? What are they hiding?”

Understanding the power of online reviews is only half the battle; getting patients to leave them is the other half. So, how do you make that happen amidst the daily juggling required to keep your practice running? First, don’t under estimate the obvious…make the ask!

Send patients a follow-up text or email reiterating the importance of their satisfaction and asking them to share their positive experience online. Bonus points if you save the front desk staff time by using an automated patient communication system (FYI – this method also ensures consistent outreach).

Training your team to gently suggest satisfied patients share their experience is another great way to make the ask. Perhaps while booking a patient’s next appointment, your front desk staff mentions that the practice has profiles on certain online review sites, or hygienists politely close their appointments by asking patients to share their feedback online.

Strategically placed signage in your lobby is another way to plant the online review. Invite patients to share their experience, and ensure the review site URLs are listed clearly. You might be surprised at the number of loyal patients that use their time in the waiting room to post a positive review before they even sit in the chair.

Right up there with making the ask of patients, is making it easy for them. No matter how happy or loyal a patient is, if sharing feedback is a challenge they’re not going to do it. So make the process simple – incorporate review site links in follow-up texts and emails, include preferred review sites on appointment cards, and don’t overlook your own website.

Your website’s reviews page is one of the most convenient places for patients to share their experience – no membership or email account required. Just make sure to stay abreast of what’s posted on your website. ProSites’ reputation marketing feature allows you to determine which comments appear on your practice website. Patients can submit reviews, but nothing goes live on your site until you hit ‘publish’. Plus, when patients rank their experience 4+ stars, they’re automatically prompted to share their review on popular review networks such as Google+, Yelp, and Bing, which also makes you more visible to prospective patients.

In summary, online reviews influence patients’ choice of provider, lend credibility to your practice, and play a key role in determining your search engine rankings. For more information on how you can increase positive reviews, download our complimentary whitepaper How To Get Frequent Positive Reviews For Your Dental Practice: Climb to 5 Starts on Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook and More.

Have specific questions regarding how to put reviews to work for your practice? Our dental marketing experts are here to help.  Reach out to an Internet Marketing Advisor today at (888) 932-3644

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How Dentists Should Respond to Online Patient Reviews

You already know the importance of generating online reviews for your practice. In today’s world, simply hiding from online review sites is not an option. (Check out our previous article on how to garner more online reviews for your practice.)

The fact is, whether people are insanely happy or displeased with the services that you provide, it is likely that they will take to the Internet to express their satisfaction or lack thereof. Regardless if the feedback is positive or negative, it is always in your best interest to respond, as more than half of customers expect to hear back from businesses within 7 days of writing an online review. Plus, 78% of consumers say that seeing a business respond to an online review makes them believe that the business cares about their clients.

When responding to online reviews, utilize these best practices to ensure you don’t dig yourself into a hole:

1. Say “thank you!” Many people think that they should only respond to criticism or negative reviews. However, quite the contrary is true. If someone leaves you a positive note, be sure to express your gratitude and let them know how happy you are to have them as a patient.

2. Even if it’s a negative review, thank them for their input. Whether you agree or disagree with the negative feedback, thank them for sharing their thoughts and expressing their concerns. Be sure to keep you tone civil to avoid any negative follow-up comments that could escalate the situation.

3. Take it offline quickly. When you get a negative review, the last thing you want to do is respond with a comment that sparks an even nastier reply for everyone to see. Thank them for their feedback and let them know you are sorry for their experience and want to learn more. Ask them how you can best get in touch with them via phone or email, to avoid a back-and-forth directly on your public reviews pages.

4. Give it 24 hours. If you receive a negative review, take some time to write a response, sit on it and see how you feel about your response after 24 hours. It’s easy to become defensive, especially if you don’t agree with the review. However, with your online reputation on the line, make sure that you always communicate in a calm, professional manner.

5. Highlight your practice’s values. Emotions run high when it comes to dental work, and people can become very opinionated. There will always be people who are convinced that dentists are trying to upsell them and don’t really care about their overall oral health. When you get a negative opinion like this, help them understand your practice’s values and that you truly do care.

Remember, negative reviews aren’t the end of the world – especially when they’re countered by multiple positive reviews. People are able to form their own judgements and can tell when an online review is a one-time rant or if there seems to be an overall trend of poor service. The most important thing is to show potential new clients that you do care about patient feedback and are dedicated to providing great service and care.

Fill out the form below to learn more about how ProSites helps you manage your online reputation,

See how our Reputation Marketing feature enables you to showcase your positive patient reviews. To talk with an Internet Marketing Advisor, call us at (88) 932-3644.

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Helping You Harness the Power of Patient Reviews With Reputation Marketing

Our new Reputation Marketing feature includes a Patient Reviews page on your website, and a Review Manager function that allows you to maintain control over patient feedback on your website. Together, these components allow you to use positive patient reviews to your advantage and manage less-than-stellar feedback. Read on to see how to begin using this feature today!

How do I get started?

Log into the website editor at and click “Sign in.” Once you log in, select “Add” next to Patient Reviews under Page Options.

If desired, alter the template text to fit your needs.

Scroll down to enter the email address where you would like to receive new review notifications.

Enter the full URL (website address) for the popular review sites where you have an account so patients can share positive reviews beyond your website. You must connect to your account for the review site to appear properly on your website.

Then add any additional review sites where you have an account.

That’s it – you’re ready to collect patient reviews!

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? No problem – submit a support ticket via the website editor or contact Member Services at (888) 932-3644.



Patient Reviews

Reputation Marketing makes it easy for your patients to share their positive experiences. Once your reviews page is created, a Patient Reviews tab appears in your website navigation bar. Patients are prompted to rate their experience on a scale of 1 – 5 stars and also have the ability to leave comments.

Clients who rank their experience 4+ stars are automatically prompted to share their review on a review site, which also helps to enhance your SEO.

Review Manager

All patient created reviews submitted on your website’s Patient Reviews page are stored in the Review Manager. When a review is entered, a notification is sent to your email address previously specified.

To access submitted patient reviews, select Review Manager under Website Tools in the ProSites website editor.

Within the Review Manager you can publish patient comments to the Patient Reviews page on your website, keep the review hidden so you can revisit it at a later time, or remove the review altogether. You can also respond directly to the reviewer via email.

Once published, reviews appear on your Patient Reviews page so you can sit back and the let the power of influence work for you.

If you have any questions, you can call us at (888) 932-3644 or email

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Want to show patients how to leave a review on Google? Read this.

In our previous article, we discussed Google’s new update that makes it easier for people to leave reviews on your practice’s Google Maps listing.

We received a lot of questions from dental offices asking us to help them understand exactly how they should instruct patients to leave a review for their practice on Google – so we created a step-by-step below. Check it out and show it to your patients the next time the question “How do I leave a review?” arises in your office!

Here’s how your patients can leave a review for your practice:

1. Ask patients to search for your practice’s name in Google from their device’s browser app. Once they find the name of your practice, click on it.


Note: Make sure the correct listing is appearing for your practice. If it isn’t, you may have duplicate listings in Google Maps that need to be cleaned up.

2. Patients should scroll down until they see a section labeled “Rate and Review” where they can select their star rating.

3. After clicking the Rate and Review star, it will prompt a pop-up asking the patient to sign in to their Google account.

Note: Android users may already be signed to their Gmail account, as Android devices require users to create an account during setup. iPhone users should also make sure to hit “allow popups.”


4. Google will then take your patient to the place where they can leave a review. Once your patient writes their review, they should click “post” on the top right to submit it.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your website’s online visibility? Get your free copy of our eBook, The Definitive Guide to Online Marketing for Dentists here.

Search Marketing

Google’s New Update Makes It Easier to Leave Reviews

As a dentist, you are probably aware that having positive reviews on your Google Map business listing can only help grow your practice and build your reputation. In fact, you may already even have a system in place that prompts and encourages happy patients to leave a review after visiting your practice.

What you may not have known, is that previously, to leave a Google review, your patient would first have to fulfill several requirements. They had to create a Google account, establish a Google+ profile including personal information, and would then have to navigate back to the page where they wanted to leave a review.

Google’s new update makes it easier for people to leave reviews. Google no longer requires people to have a Google+ profile to leave a review on your Google Maps listing. (They still have to have a Google account, though.) And, people can now leave reviews directly from the search engine results page when they are searching on a desktop computer.

Not only does having more Google reviews build credibility and trust among prospective patients, but it can help you improve your search engine optimization rankings as well. In fact, a recent study revealed that the overall quantity, positive sentiment in and overall velocity of Google reviews all contribute to a local business’ ability to rank well in the Google Maps business listings which appear at the top of search results (also known as the snack pack).

Want to learn more about getting better rankings on Google and other search engines? Click here to download our FREE eBook, ‘A Dentists Guide to Understanding Local Search Engine Optimization’ today. 

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Do You Want More Positive Online Reviews?

The influence of online reviews continues to increase as consumers become more enveloped in the digital world. A reported 70% of consumers now consult online reviews before hiring a service, and 82% of consumers consider online reviews as extremely valuable. With that, not only is having online reviews important for your practice, but having positive online reviews is critical.

While knowing you need online reviews is easy to understand, knowing how to get patients to leave reviews is more complex. Many patients forget once they leave the office or are too busy to bother with submitting a review once their appointment is complete.

MyPatientReviews, a free web app, changes the game. It simplifies the process for patients to leave you a review by allowing them to scan a QR code and immediately leave you a review from their mobile device.

How It Works

You can create your free MyPatientReviews account at by inputting your email address and choosing a password. Next, fill out the information for the public profile that patients will see. Be sure to include your physical address and website URL for increased optimization.

Next, you will be prompted to verify your email address to complete profile setup. 

Configure Your Profile

After verifying your email address, you will be prompted to log in. Complete your profile by clicking “Get Started” and following the prompts. 

Prompt 1: Edit your info

The information you provided when creating your profile will automatically populate. Should you want to change anything or if you noticed an error, you can edit it during this step.

Prompt 2: Add your links

Insert the web address for each of your online reviews profiles*, including Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, and Citysearch. Feel free to add additional review listings such as DemandForce or Angie’s List in the empty spaces provided.

*Note: only profiles added will be displayed.

Prompt 3: Pick your custom URL

Choose a URL that will give patients access to your MyPratientReviews page. We recommend choosing the same URL as your website’s address. This will make it easy for patients to remember and will remain branded to your practice.

Prompt 4: View and print your QR code

You can now preview your MyPatientReviews site and test each of the links to your review pages. If the site preview is to your liking, print your 8×10 QR code display and start collecting patient reviews!

How MyPatientReviews Helps

By prominently displaying your MyPatientReviews QR code in-practice, you can ask patients for their feedback immediately after their appointment. Instead of your patients leaving the office and forgetting to submit a review, they can use their mobile device to conveniently scan your QR code and leave you an online review instantly. Instead of asking patients to find your profiles on their own, you bring your practice profiles directly to them, increasing the likelihood they’ll leave a review.

Studies show that consumers are willing to pay up to 99% more for services with excellent ratings and 93% of consumers regularly research products and services online. Having positive online reviews can help your practice attract new patients and increase your bottom line.

Need help getting your practice started on review sites like Yelp? Ask about our Local Search Marketing services today by calling 888-932-3644.

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7 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Over the course of your workday, your focus is likely on treating patients and staying on schedule. But, how concerned are you with keeping your patients happy? Keeping your patients content is an easy notion to dismiss among the many other matters concerning your practice, but it shouldn’t be. With the average new patient acquisition costing five times more than retaining an existing client, patient satisfaction should be a primary concern for your practice.

Here are seven simple ways you can improve patient satisfaction:

1. Offer text message appointment reminders – Nearly all of your patients are mobile and enjoy the convenience of text messaging, as it allows them to respond on their own time. Studies on the matter indicate that 74% of patients would rather receive text appointment reminders than a phone call or email, and 54% state they are more likely to respond to a text message reminder.

2. Have patient feedback surveys readily available – Everyone loves to voice their opinion. Having a prominently displayed satisfaction survey will make patients feel their feedback is important. If they do have an issue or concern, they may be more likely to voice it privately on your survey instead of publically posting it online.

3. Follow up with patients after their visit – Studies show that when you conduct a follow-up phone call, patients report around 10% higher satisfaction with your services. If you performed an involved procedure, follow up with the patient within 48 hours to see how they are doing. This personal touch will make you stand out as a caring provider.

4. Keep your employees happy – Your employees can influence your practice’s reputation more than you may think. If anyone on your staff has a bad attitude, it could tarnish your image. Encourage open communication with your staff and address their irritations before they give your practice a damaging reputation.

5. Study your competition – If you have local competition, figure out what makes them tick.  Start by checking out their online reviews, and see what their patients are saying about their service. Learn from your competition, and ‘avoid having the same weaknesses within your own practice. For example, if your competition has numerous complaints about their rude front office staff, take considerable measures to ensure your office staff gives you a glowing reputation.

6. Surprise patients with a bonus – When patients visit the dentist, the standard toothbrush and floss favors no longer come as a surprise; gifts like these have become expected. Try surprising patients with added bonuses like Xylitol chewing gum or a toothpaste tube squeezer. Little extra gifts can make a big difference in patient satisfaction.

7. Have a mobile website – Just as patients prefer text message communication, they also prefer the convenience of easily accessing your website on their mobile device. Give patients a mobile version of your website with simplified navigation, so they can easily contact you or research your services on-the-go

Patients are the heart and soul of your practice. Understanding their needs, surpassing their expectations, and responding to their concerns are critical in retaining their patronage. Following these simple tips can help you maintain higher patient satisfaction rates and increase word of mouth referrals.

Are you already suffering from a negative reputation? Refer to our blog post about reputation management.

Practice Marketing

How to Acquire More Online Reviews

People talk – a lot – and if you think your patients aren’t talking about your services, you couldn’t be more wrong; the truth of the matter is, your patients are sharing their experiences online. In fact, web traffic for the top online review sites grew by 158% last year alone, meaning more prospective patients are researching your services before they schedule their initial appointment.

With the launch of Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+ Local, and other online review sites, patient reviews can now reach and influence a much larger audience than a single patient sharing amongst their friends.  As patient reviews now extend far beyond word-of-mouth, it’s more important than ever to have flattering patient reviews online. Research proves the power of online reviews, indicating that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 52% of those interviewed stated positive reviews make them more likely to charter a service.

Here are methods of simplifying the online review process for your patients, encouraging them to leave their feedback:

• Ensure your practice is listed on high-traffic review sites. First and foremost, you want to be sure that patients are able to locate your practice’s reviews online. If a single directory has multiple listings for your practice, contact the site owner and ask them to remove any duplicates. Start with Google+ Local, Yelp, CitySearch, and Angie’s List.

• Add a link on your practice website. Today, everyone loves convenience, so why not conveniently lead patients to your review site with a clickable link?

• Add practical links on your social networking sites. If your practice has an established social network, reach out to your fans and ask for reviews. A simple post asking patients to share their most recent experience is sure to get a response.

• Include a link in your signature line. If you regularly email patients appointment reminders, current discounts, etc., include a link to your review site within your signature line, allowing them to easily click and access your review page.

• Print a “how-to” guide on patient documents. Printing a receipt for your patient?  Or perhaps you’re jotting down their next visit on an appointment card? In any case, have step-by-step instructions outlined on the receipt/card so patients know where and how to leave a review.

• Send a thank you note.  Businesses today are losing that personal touch. Sending a handwritten thank you letter to a patient will not only entice them to return, but supplies the perfect opportunity to request an online review.

• Use QR codes on business cards and/or practice signage. Tech-savvy patients will appreciate the simplified process of scanning a QR code that immediately directs them to your online reviews.  Easy access will make patients more likely to leave feedback.

• Use your automated texting software to ask patients about their visit. If your practice is already using software to text patients an appointment reminder, use the software to send them a post-appointment text with a link to your review site. This way, patients can quickly leave a review directly from their smartphone.

Ultimately, you can always ask a patient, face-to-face if they’d like to leave a review. In fact, this method of requesting feedback tends to be most effective, with 80 to 90% of patients happily obliging. Whatever methods you choose to utilize, we wish you online review success!

Want help optimizing your profile on today’s most popular online review sites? Give us a call to learn more at (888) 932-3644.

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