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by Melissa Mickelson

Apr 22

Dentaltown Interview with ProSites CEO Lance McCollough

Dentaltown founder Howard Farran sits down with ProSites CEO Lance McCollough to discuss all-things around effectively marketing your dental practice online.

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by Fanny Barrientos

Apr 15

4 Ways to Keep Your Dental Website Fresh

Your dental website is an extension of your practice and should instill the same confidence a new patient would have from walking into your office. That is why keeping a website fresh with a consistent stream of new content is so important for your practice.

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by Melissa Mickelson

Mar 28

Local Search and How It’s Affecting Your Practice

Remember the commercial that repeatedly interrupted your favorite television show last week? Chances are you don’t – because we’ve trained our brains to tune out what isn’t relevant to our immediate surroundings and needs. It’s estimated that we are bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of data a day. If we didn’t filter out most non-essential messages, we couldn’t function.

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by Fanny Barrientos

Mar 21

Google's New Update and How It Impacts Your Practice

Google typically makes fun, quirky changes to their logo and algorithms, but rarely do they change the way in which their search engine results pages (SERP) appear. Recently, Google decided to remove right-side paid ads (AdWords) on desktop searches.

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