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Jan 29

The No-Fluff Statistics of Facebook

You need to understand one important fact about social media, and Facebook in particular. I wouldn’t go so far as to say social media will replace other forms of media, but it will certainly continue to usurp broad swaths of...

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Jan 26

What’s the Difference between Posting, Boosting and Promoting on Facebook?

Ed. Note: If you haven’t read my first article on Facebook, click here to get up to speed. Take a deep breath! Marketing your practice on Facebook seems as confusing as visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak ...

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Jan 21

Why Everything You’ve Heard about Marketing through Social Media is Likely Wrong

Let's start off with what social media isn't What you're about to read might seem strange – but pretty much all of the information you've likely heard or read about social media is wrong or at least useless. So here's what y...

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Dec 23

Avoiding Sony’s Situation – and Why You Shouldn’t Fear North Korea

There are two things you need to know about the Sony hacking scandal – and how it potentially relates to your practice’s online security. 1. What happened to Sony could happen to any firm. In most hacking cases –...

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