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Mar 25

Social Media's Surprising Impact on Internet Marketing Trends

Your practice’s website isn’t BuzzFeed or Huffington Post and it never will be, nor should it. But you can learn from what these Internet giants are doing and apply it to your own online strategy. Consider an interesti...

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Mar 18

The Essential SEO Dictionary for Dentists

Like all niche fields of expertise, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has its own vocabulary - which makes it impossible for the uninitiated to effectively navigate SEO. It’s especially difficult in the SEO because everything...

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Mar 12

What is a ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Site - and Why Does it Matter if I Have One?

In basic terms, ‘mobile-friendly’ means a site can be as easily viewed on a small smartphone or tablet screen as it can on a traditional laptop or desktop screen. In technical terms, your site needs to have three basic...

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Feb 27

How To Know For Sure If Your Marketing Is Working

Earlier this week I discussed the importance of finding your high value patients and crafting your practice around them.  Today, I’d like to talk about some simple ways you can sort and analyze your marketing and other ...

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